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Re St. Mary the Virgin Primrose Hill [2022] ECC Lon 2

The petition sought permission for the introduction into the church of 150 new upholstered chairs of mixed colours - 65 white, 65 light blue, 10 pink and 10 lavender. The chairs had in fact already been installed, the petitioners having felt under pressure to install them before a visit by the Bishop to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the consecration of the church, and replying on a recommendation of the Diocesan Advisory Committee. The Church Buildings Council did not favour upholstered chairs, nor multiple colours, if upholstery were allowed. The Chancellor determined that there was no convincing need for more than one colour, but bearing in mind that the majority of the chairs were in the two muted colours of white and light blue, and had been purchased at considerable expense, he granted a faculty for the white and blue chairs to remain, but directed that the brighter-coloured chairs (10 pink and 10 lavender) should be removed from the church.